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January 9 through March 6, 2010

Marvelli Gallery is pleased to announce Wall-to-Wall, an exhibition of new paintings by Skyler Brickley.
This will be Skyler's first solo show at the gallery. After working with billboard fragments, adhesive vinyl prints, and the ruins of other discarded large-scale print media, Brickley has returned to a more systematic painting practice to re-examine his interest in digital space. One of the mainstays of digital technology is that it assumes the possibility of repetition without breakdown. If something can be coded digitally, it can be replicated perfectly, and infinitely.

As any set of directions enters the analog world, however, it inevitably yields to the effects of age, translation, and the specifics of the environment. All the paintings in the show measure 89 50 inches, a size the artist has been working with since 2008. This size adheres to a scale ratio of 16 : 9, the typical dimensions of a theater screen turned on its side. Brickley composes the paintings using the tools of a house painter. In some works, Brickley uses a textured plastic paint tray to print fields of dots. In others, he employs foam rollers used in wall painting. Using the roller, the paintings invoke Xerox reproduction, filmstrips, or grainy photography, whose imagery seems magnified beyond recognition. Installed along a single wall in both rooms of the gallery, the work suggests a horizontal continuum in space.

Skyler Brickley received his post-baccalaureate from San Francisco Art Institute and his MFA from Yale School of Art in 2005. His work has been exhibited at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill; Yvon Lambert Gallery, New York; Sandroni Rey, Los Angeles; Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson. In 2006, Skyler co-founded the online arts journal The Highlights. Skyler lives in New York and works in Brooklyn.