Ingar Krauss: Portraits
Erdmann Ziegler (Editor), Vince Alett (Author)i, Ingar Krauss(Photographer)
Book Description: Without exception, Ingar Krauss's photographs, moving formal portraits in faded gray and sepia tones, are all of children and teenagers. The subjects look serious, proud, unapproachable, remote and sometimes defiant--both essentially childlike and more mature than they ought to be. Hardcover: 102 pages. Publisher: Hatje Cantz Publishers (February 1, 2006).
City Diary
Greger Ulf Nilson (Editor), Anders Petersen (Photographer)
Book Description: Since the 1960s Anders Petersen has been documenting life beyond the margins of polite society, a world including prostitutes, transvestites, alcoholics, night-time lovers and adult conflict. Petersen photographs his subjects with a candid somewhat detached eye, and is able to disclose unpleasant realities such as drug abuse with a sense of bewilderment and currency. City Diary is an ambitious series of books ahowing Petersen's ongoing photographic engagement with life in the shadows in cities including Stockholm, Tokyo and St Petersburg. Softcover: Three volumes, each 64 pages. Publisher: Steidl (February, 2012).
Anders Petersen: Cafe Lehmitz
Anders Petersen (Photographer)
Book Description: Cafe Lehmitz, a beer joint at the Reeperbahn, was a meeting point for many who worked in Hamburg s red-light district: prostitutes, pimps, transvestites, workers, and petty criminals. Anders Petersen was 18 years old when he first visited Hamburg in 1962, chanced upon Cafe Lehmitz, and established friends that made an impact on his life. Hardcover: 120 pages. Publisher: Schirmer/Mosel; Bilingual edition (June 9, 2009).
Anders Petersen: Close Distance
Birna Kleivan (Author), Anders Petersen (Photographer)
Book Description: Rare book by acclaimed photographer Anders Petersen produced to accompany his exhibition for The National Photomuseum at The Royal Library in Copenhagen. Striking black and white images that linger in the memory. Hardcover: 60 pages. Publisher: Journal (December 2002).
Anders Petersen (Photographer)
Book Description: Petersen explores the fringes of society, and his images depict a raw, and sometimes disturbingly brutal, social portrait. Taken in the south of France, 'FrenchKiss 'is characteristic Petersen, exuding the poetic sadness, restlessness, and sense of urgency that runs through all his work. Hardcover: 116 pages. Dewi Lewis Publishing (September 1, 2008).
Anders Petersen / JH Engstrom: From Back Home
JH Engstrom (Photographer), Anders Petersen (Photographer)
Book Description: Varmland is one of the least populated areas of Sweden. Petersen and Engstrom, two of Sweden's most famous photographers, photograph the people and territory of Varmland. Petersen's B&W photos make up the first half of the book, Engstrom's color photographs the second half. Hardcover: 320 pages. Publisher: Bokforlaget Max Strom; First edition (November 2010).
Anders Petersen: Sete #08
Christian Caujolle (Editor), Anders Petersen (Photographer)
Book Description: Petersen visited Sete, a French port and sea-side resort located on the Mediterranean Sea, as a pretext to harvest a collection of images full of precision, emotion and surprises. Astutely aware of the human dimension that he was encountering Petersen's 65 grainy black and white photographs, capture finding solace and beauty in the ugly and ordinary. Hardcover: 96 pages. Publisher: Images En Manoeuvres (January 1, 2009).
Juliana Romano - Dark Before The Bright Exit
Lorenzo Bruni (Author)
This catalogue was published in concomitance with the exhibition by Juliana Romano - Dark Before The Bright Exit at Brand New Gallery, Milan, September 22 - October 29, 2011. Introductory interview by Lorenzo Bruni with the artist on her process, isolation, and the abstraction of her imagery. Publisher: Brand New Gallery (2011) Paperback: 48 pages.