Burt Sugar (Author), Larry Fink (Photographer)
Book Description: Larry Fink's inimitable photographic style captures the grace, beauty, and paternal love that are the foundations of the brutal contact sport of boxing. In Boxing, 51 duotone photographs by Fink creates stunningly lyrical static snapshots which reveal the divine (the hope, dignity, perserverence, respect) in a fighter's soul. Boxing is enhanced with an informative introduction by Andy Grundberg, art direction by Yolanda Cuomo, and an essay by Bert Randolph Sugar on boxing as "a way out" adds a cigar-chomping flavor to a concise history of the sport. Hardcover: 104 pages. Publisher: powerHouse Books; First edition (June 1, 1997).
Larry Fink: The Vanities: Hollywood Parties 2000-2009
Luc Sante (Author), Ash Carter (Author), Larry Fink (Photographer)
Book Description: Vanity Fair's Oscar parties have become a legend of their own over the last decade. For ten years American photographer Larry Fink, famous for a keen, uniquely sensual documentary eye, has been the official interpretive Vanity Fair photographer of these events. His view of superstars and their entourages is in sharp contrast to everything we know and expect of official Hollywood. Hardcover: 120 pages. Publisher: Schirmer/Mosel; Bilingual edition (June 22, 2011).
Larry Fink
Laurie Dahlberg (Author), Larry Fink (Photographer)
Book Description: American photographer Larry Fink (b.1941) is the Jack Kerouac of photography. This accessible monograph reviews his 40-year career as a photographer, during which he celebrated the expressiveness of the human body and its colourful and energetic sensuality. A strong supporter of social values and grassroots activism, Fink has never shied away from political and cultural critiques in his imagery. Hardcover: 128 pages. Publisher: Phaidon Press; First edition (May 1, 2005).
Social Graces: Photographs by Larry Fink
Max Kozloff (Author), Larry Fink (Photographer)
Book Description: Traveling between the vastly different worlds of New York society and his working class neighbors in Martins Creek, Pa., throughout the late 1970s and early 80s, Larry Fink embarked on a project similar to Diane Arbus's, often capturing in his images some quality of which the subjects themselves are unaware. But Fink, unlike Arbus, doesn't seek the "freak" in everyone; empathy comes through in the Social Graces he finds and juxtaposes, even when the photos are less than flattering. Hardcover: 128 pages. Publisher: powerHouse Books; First edition (May 1, 2001).
Craigie Horsfield: Confluence and Consequence
Bart de Baere (Author), Carol Armstrong (Author), Catherine de Zegher (Editor), Craigie Horsfield (Author)
Book Description: Craigie Horsfield's incredibly moving photographic and video meditations on the phenomenon of the crowd elicit a magical sensation of life passing by at great speed, with both warmth and sadness. Horsfield grasps that the very idea of the crowd transforms itself constantly, both in specific circumstances of congregation (such as dance) and as an historical phenomenon: today we rarely envisage a crowd as a positive agency of social change, for example. Hardcover: 248 pages. Publisher: Ludion; Bilingual edition (April 30, 2011).
Craigie Horsfield: Relation
Carol Armstrong (Author), Craigie Horsfield (Author, Photographer), Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger (Contributor)
Book Description: This beautifully printed, 380-page monograph delivers a thorough examination of the oeuvre of the British artist and photographer, Craigie Horsfield, born in Cambridge in 1949 and nominated for the Turner Prize in 1996. Horsfield's deeply saturated, often enigmatic and usually black-and-white photographs reflect a rigorous and refined formal unity and a precise visual vocabulary. They are held together by the notion of relation, according to the artist, in that the individual is inextricably bound to relation and not to separation or alienation. Hardcover: 380 pages. Publisher: Exhibitions International; First Edition edition (July 1, 2007).