Michael St. John: Hope is Not a Plan
Excerpt: A complex and fascinating figure, Robert F. Williams wrote Negroes with Guns(1962) to justify the right of black people to defend themselves from racist violence and police brutality. The book was subsequently adopted by the Black Panther Party as one of its guiding texts. St. John composes each of these paintings as if it were the cover of a book, repeating the letters of the title and addingthe image of a civil rights activist or Black Panther. Marvelli Gallery, 2009.
Michael St. John: That's Just the Way It Is
Copyright: Marvelli Gallery, 2009
Excerpt: Money, collateral, missing dogs, guns for sale, bail funds, cad red airborne chemical sunsets, letover boxes, the fastest gun in town. As a person and an artist, Michael St. John is generous. The work is unpretentious, open, available. What he makes is as ruthless as it is vulnerable.
Angela Strassheim: Evidence
Copyright: Marvelli Gallery, 2009
Excerpt: Angela Strassheim conceptualized her most recent series of images after learning of a violent crime that involved a student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where she was teaching at the time. Strassheim developed the project utilizing a forensic technique commonly reserved for crime scene investigation, which she learned while working in the field for the Miami Dade Forensic Imaging Bureau.
Angela Strassheim: Left Behind
Copyright: Marvelli Gallery, 2005
Excerpt: Family bonds, as anyone with a family knows can be a complicated entanglement. Parents have hopes and expectations; children chafe against them. A warm, loving embrace becomes a suffocating stranglehold. In Angela Strassheim's vivid color photographs of well-groomed, comfortable families, those bonds are by turns received and resisted in a variety of small moments.

Angela Strassheim: Pause
Copyright: Marvelli Gallery, 2006
Excerpt: These photographs capture a significant moment in the passage of time for each of the girls and women in the pictures. Occurring in different stages of their lives, these moments are somehow crucial, and seem to summarize and anticipate a chain of events. An important role emerges clearly for all the girls and women in these pictures: being a daughter. They all struggle with this role and its high expectations.

Christer Stromholm
Copyright: Marvelli Gallery, 2010
Excerpt: Stromholm's photographs elicit both a feeling of utter strangeness and one of deep familiarity. It is almost as if we recognized, in the images he captured, a lasting imprint of our own dreams and nightmares. They area lyrical transmutation, a transformation of things that could be ugly, sad or violent into something tender and even strangely uplifting.