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Bill Abdale

I can't decide anything
Solvent transfer and enamel on paper
51 x 38 inches

The man screen-printed on the large sheet of paper is Michael Baumann aka Bommi Baumann. He was the founder of Movement 2 June, a well-known West German terrorist organization. Baumann was heavily involved in the 1960s West Berlin student movement. In 1972 he fled Germany and went underground as an international fugitive constantly changing his identity. The screen-prints are photographs of Baumann taken for identification cards. In his autobiography, How it all Began, he describes his personal evolution into a proponent of urban guerrilla warfare, and comments critically on armed struggle. The title, I can't decide anything, comes from a song by the band Black Flag. The lyrics of the song describe the act of disguising oneself as a way to conceal feelings. "I always wear a smile, because anything but a smile would make me have to explain."